jueves, 29 de abril de 2010


25 hate
1.-when people make quizes
2.-when they become fans of groups like 2000 freaking times
3.-when they send group invitations, absolutely hate them
4.-when like 10 people at the time talk to you by facebook chat
5.-when facebook chat doesn't work at all
6.-when they delete comments they already commented on
7.-when they tag you in photos that you don't even care about
8.-when random people add you
9.-the random facebook questions
10.-when they pock you
11.-when they send you drinks via facebook, randooom!
12.-hate top friends thingy
13.-hate when people download nasty pictures about themselves
14.-hate when random people comment on my status
15.-hate when annoying people cant just stop to put status
16.-hate when they are certain people who put LIKE in every single status of everyone that is on facebook
17.-hate that people talk about facebook every single day
18.-hate that teachers have facebook
19.-hate that older people talk about facebook, they don't even know how to use facebook
20.-hate that everyday I have to check facebook
21.-hate that people fight via facebook
22.-hate stupid games that people play on facebook because they have nothing to do
23.-hate that people look over my pictures and put like
24.-hate talking with the same people over facebook and then commenting on the same subject the next day
25.-hate seeing little immature girls “sexy” pictures that they think they look really cool

25 like .
1.-love that you can delete people
2.-love going offline in face chat
3.-love uploading photos
4.-love adding people I haven't seen in years
5.-love talking with people that I haven't heard of from a long time
6.-love putting statuses
7.-love looking at gossip in facebook
8.-love seeing how people fight over facebook
9.-love seeing how people cannot live without facebook
10.-love seeing that I have notifications
11.-love when they tag me in photos
12.-love to see photos upload the next day from the night that you went out before
13.-love meeting a guy and then him adding you the next couple of days in facebook
14.-love laughing about people over facebook
15.-love seeing pictures with my friends on facebook
16.-tagging people in posts
17.-love inbox messages
18.-love seeing quotes in status that really mean something
19.-love to see funny pictures
20.-sending messages and making sure people will read them that same day because they always check facebook
21.-that everyone I know has facebook so you can be in contact with them constantly
22.-knowing when people that are not from puerto vallarta are coming because they put in their status “going to PV”
23.-love the little number red 1 in the notifications
24.-love the wall posts that people leave in my profile
25.-love putting every picture that I want I my profile picture

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010


Paulina A. Beja

Air Pollution

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals, particulate matter, or biological materials that cause harm or discomfort to humans or other living organisms, or damages the natural environment into the atmosphere.

That is Air Pollution in the scientific description, but in my opinion air pollution is all caused by humans. We are the cause of the earth having extreme changes in our planet. We are the ones responsible for all the damage that we are causing because of the fact that we are humans that are unconscious of the damage we are creating to our own habitat.

Air pollution is not only affecting the way we live, but it is affecting the way everything revolves. Starting with the fact that plants, animals, and the ozone is suffering from too much pollution. We have to stop building things that we don't actually need, also we are burning lots of materials that have secondary effects and they are the ones responsible for the earth's effects.

If we continue to pollute the consequences will be harsh, because if the plants die, then the oxygen slowly is going to start running out, and as we all know, humans do not function without any oxygen. Everything would run out and start dieing. Not only we are affecting the earth but we are too affecting our own health. People have died because of too much pollution, for example in my own personal experience I had too move away from Mexico City because there was too much pollution that you couldn't even see the blue sky anymore. Now instead of having blue skies you have gray skies, this not only is bad but also is the cause why people with heart problems and respiratory issues die too.

Pollution is not only the cause of the natural environment being damage, pollution is causing multiple damage. One of the things is that all the effects the earth is having with the earthquakes, tsunamis, low and high temperatures, all of these multiple problems are because of pollution too. It is all a mixture of human causes what is changing our own world, the one that used to be green and beautiful, now it is changing to a place that we don't even recognize.

In conclusion, air pollution needs to stop, because our world is going to end if it doesn't. We, humans, need to be conscious of the damage we have done and we first need to pay the consequences of our actions and now we have to face the reality that we need to make a lot of effort for us to change what we have caused. Air pollution NEEDS to stop now!

martes, 23 de febrero de 2010


Untitled from markpicketts on Vimeo.

One of the videos that I like the most was Jose Antonio's because it was about Coca Cola, and also because of the fact that it was super original. Although I do think that some of my classmates video's can be improved because there are some that I don't really get what they are about and what are they trying to advertise. But most of them are really cool, specially because they have music and it makes it look like real commercials from TV! Also another commercial which I like was the one about Staples, from Melida, I liked how it ended. On the other hand, I do think that Ariadne's video should be improved by filming more authentic things, not only using pure images from the internet it should be more authentic than that, but overall I liked all the videos that I previously mentioned. Another video that I liked is the one of Eric because it is original, but I do think he should make it a little bit less longer.

Now talking about my video I do think I need to improve mine by adding to it music and make it way cooler than it already is. By watching my classmates videos they gave me great ideas on how to improve my video.

domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

New New Techology baby!!!

Well, as we all know technology is a huge part in our lives. We are all amazed by the fact that is increasing as rapidly as anything else. One of the first things that I noticed was that people from India are the once that are coming up with new ideas on how to increase even more technology. This thing is really amazing but I really think that we don’t need to use it because we would become lazy persons, and that is what technology is causing, making it really easier and then we get used to it. We as humans, have to realize that technology cannot replace what we are used to do, although we like things the easy way we need to realize that it is bad for us to get use to this fact.

What I really like about technology is that even if you are out of your house and you want to interact by responding an email you can do it; by only turning on your cellphone and connecting to the internet. This is really amazing. Now with what they invented we can get what we want, when we want it. This although it sounds amazing it is a huge problem because every person in the world would want it so much that they would start to be frustrated when they don’t get what they want at the right time they want it. On the other hand, we don’t notice this because we are so focused on our own benefits in our future.

In conclusion, now with this video we know that we can get anything we want. Although Pranav discovered and create this and he thinks it would be the best thing ever we have to take in account that not all agree to this new device. What I’m trying to say is that there are millions of programs but all of them may look great from the outside but really they have also big problems. One of the problems is that the internet is dangerous and you may find things that you didn’t really want to find! That is why I opine that we, humans, do not need to get obsessed with technology. Everything in excess is dangerous!!!!

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Sex thing issue!

This article was really interesting because these situations actually happen really often at schools. It is important to recall that it was the girl’s decision of sending that naked picture to her boyfriend. One makes their own decisions and it was her fault because she was the one that started all this scam. Obviously events like these always come out and other people find out about them. Teenagers like that are still immature to handle those types of issues but not only I think it was her fault, I do think she wasn’t fine with herself.

In my opinion I do think that the school has no responsibility on her committing suicide because it was her own decision and also because that type of things are no reasons for you to lose your life. Probably she was also having other issues with the fact that she broke up with her boyfriend and all the things crumbled up and she was feeling depressed and that is why she did it. Truly I don’t think she committed suicide just because her school didn’t take harder measures to control the situation. People are responsible of their own actions that is why I think that the school or the children have no responsibility on her death.

jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009

Video Working!

· I’m going to do a commercial about Gatorade
· I’m going to work with Rafael Aguirre and Sandra Alvarez


I think that the security measures that have been implemented by Facebook are for the security of others who actually use Facebook daily. These measures have been created because Facebook is a site that needs to have security so people actually feel that they can post things only to their friends. Now with these measures Facebook will be more control about privacy settings and other applications we want to control. I think that it is great that they are actually caring about these problems because now Facebook is going to be more secure. This will be successful because now we can easily block or delete people we don’t even care about, such as people from out school. The effect would be a positive one because we are going to use it more now that it is more controlled.

Posting videos and quotations of people without their knowing it is really bad and I do think we need to control it, but I do think that the people from ASPV need to abstain themselves from adding students because they would only use our information to judge us in school or even it could affect us. In my personal opinion I do think that teachers who spend their time looking at student’s profile is because they don’t have anything to do and they just want to ruin our life. Also, students need to control who they add and who they don’t because they can find themselves in trouble if they adding staff from their own school. I think the school should own their own business and stop being tellers.