jueves, 29 de abril de 2010


25 hate
1.-when people make quizes
2.-when they become fans of groups like 2000 freaking times
3.-when they send group invitations, absolutely hate them
4.-when like 10 people at the time talk to you by facebook chat
5.-when facebook chat doesn't work at all
6.-when they delete comments they already commented on
7.-when they tag you in photos that you don't even care about
8.-when random people add you
9.-the random facebook questions
10.-when they pock you
11.-when they send you drinks via facebook, randooom!
12.-hate top friends thingy
13.-hate when people download nasty pictures about themselves
14.-hate when random people comment on my status
15.-hate when annoying people cant just stop to put status
16.-hate when they are certain people who put LIKE in every single status of everyone that is on facebook
17.-hate that people talk about facebook every single day
18.-hate that teachers have facebook
19.-hate that older people talk about facebook, they don't even know how to use facebook
20.-hate that everyday I have to check facebook
21.-hate that people fight via facebook
22.-hate stupid games that people play on facebook because they have nothing to do
23.-hate that people look over my pictures and put like
24.-hate talking with the same people over facebook and then commenting on the same subject the next day
25.-hate seeing little immature girls “sexy” pictures that they think they look really cool

25 like .
1.-love that you can delete people
2.-love going offline in face chat
3.-love uploading photos
4.-love adding people I haven't seen in years
5.-love talking with people that I haven't heard of from a long time
6.-love putting statuses
7.-love looking at gossip in facebook
8.-love seeing how people fight over facebook
9.-love seeing how people cannot live without facebook
10.-love seeing that I have notifications
11.-love when they tag me in photos
12.-love to see photos upload the next day from the night that you went out before
13.-love meeting a guy and then him adding you the next couple of days in facebook
14.-love laughing about people over facebook
15.-love seeing pictures with my friends on facebook
16.-tagging people in posts
17.-love inbox messages
18.-love seeing quotes in status that really mean something
19.-love to see funny pictures
20.-sending messages and making sure people will read them that same day because they always check facebook
21.-that everyone I know has facebook so you can be in contact with them constantly
22.-knowing when people that are not from puerto vallarta are coming because they put in their status “going to PV”
23.-love the little number red 1 in the notifications
24.-love the wall posts that people leave in my profile
25.-love putting every picture that I want I my profile picture

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